My name is Rachel, but you may know me as Glacier-Swiss. I live in Costa Rica and work for an international trails focused non-profit. Before I decided to grow roots here in Central America, I spent a few years working seasonal and short-term jobs after quitting my professional career which has allowed me the unique experience of living and traveling many places.


I dreamed this website on my Appalachian Trail thru-hike and launched the original site in 2016. My first vision was broad and encompassed any topic that reflected the term “adventure” in a traditional sense. With a bit more experience now, I’ve refocused and refined my mission for this site: to provide opportunities and resources for hiking adventures. I hope that through this personal project I can help people broaden their perspectives and understand that to continue the adventure looks like something different for every individual person.

What does your adventure look like?

Here’s my story…

When I was a young adult, I followed the crowd.

I did what everyone else was doing. What everyone was “supposed” to do.

After high school, I attended college, got a degree, and landed a job immediately after graduating. Quickly working my way up the ladder, I became manager & mine geologist within a year. By the time I realized how much I disliked my life, I owned a house full of things I didn’t need and had some very bad habits.

I knew I needed change, but the concept seemed so daunting and open-ended. I certainly didn’t know how to take the first step, and the thought of interrupting the life I had built for myself terrified me.

Months passed as I halfheartedly applied for other jobs, researched grad schools, and daydreamed of alternative universes. When I was sad, I spent money. When I felt lonely, I went to the bar. When people reached out to me, I isolated myself.

Until I reached a breaking point.

I didn’t know much for certain, but I did know that being outside help me combat the feeling of being unhappy. There was something… a seed planted in the far corners of my mind many years ago by a friend. She hiked the trail after high school.

My first step was reaching out to her.

With kind encouragement from this friend and two others, I entertained the idea of spending a significant amount of time in the woods as means to change my life’s rhythm. Then, I finally made the decision: I would hike the Appalachian Trial.

I hadn’t backpacked before.
I didn’t have gear.
I was not in good shape.

But I needed a change.
And I was desperate.

That’s how my story begins: the story of my interest in trails, the story of my travels, the story of how I’ve come to fall in love with the rich coast. I’m now growing roots in the small town of San Luis de Monteverde in Costa Rica, but that doesn’t mean my adventures have come to an end. In many ways, they are just beginning!

April 1st, 2015

April 1st, 2015

September 16th, 2015

September 16th, 2015

If the trail gives something to you, you give something back.
— Rock kicker