After I finished my AT thru-hike, I was still constantly craving new trails to explore and mountains to climb. Right after finishing the trail though, I was broke. So instead of focusing my energy on another long distance hike, I decided to start working on the Georgia 4,000 footer challenge on weekends and time off. Some of these peaks are easy to access (i.e. Brasstown Bald), and others require bush-whacking to reach the true summit. It’s always safer to bushwhack with a hiking partner!

Why do this challenge? It’s not like a thru-hike — this challenge can be accomplished by anyone at any point in their life. Climbing mountains is a form of recreation that requires skills and learning, it’s unique and difficult. Peak bagging, especially in Georgia, allows you to experience all types of trails and people. You’ll learn what goes into trail maintenance, meet new people, support the GATC and other non-profits, explore wilderness of the southern Appalachians, and obtain a major sense of accomplishment when you’re through!

The Georgia Appalachian Trail Club provides a list with specific criteria regarding Georgia’s 4000’ers: peaks must be 4,000’ in elevation with a clean prominence of 120ft. There are 32 qualifying peaks in Georgia. also has a list of peaks greater than 4,000' in Georgia as well as their lat/long data. There are no qualifying criteria on Peakbagger's website. 

GA 4K Interactive Map

Courtesy of Georgia Appalachian Trail Club

Peaks Bagged, To Date (12 of 32)

Appalachian Trail thru-hike (april 2015):

  • Blue Mountain (4000')

  • Rocky Mountain (4017')

  • Tray Mountain (4430')

2-Day Overnight, Coosa Backcountry Trail (Nov. 2015)

  • Coosa Bald (4271')

  • Slaughter Mountain (4338')

  • Blood Mountain (4458')

2-Day Overnight, Jack's Knob Trail (jan. 2016)

  • Horsetrough Mountain (4040')

  • Spaniard’s Knob (4000)

  • South Wolfpen Ridge (4561)

  • Brasstown Bald (4784)

Day Hike, Arkaquah Trail (feb. 2016)

  • Locust Log Ridge (4108')

  • ChimneyTop Mountain (4303')


Peaks Remaining:

  • Flint Knob (4240')

  • Alex Mountain (4080')

  • Rabun Bald (4696')

  • Flat Top (4114')

  • Cowpen Mountain (4151)

  • Bald Mountain (4005')

  • Rich Mountain (4040')

  • Tickanetley Bald (4000')

  • Big Bald Mountain (4076')

  • Dicks Knob (4643')

  • Grassy Ridge (4406')

  • Rich Knob (4152')

  • Hightower Bald (4588')

  • Rattlesnack Knob (4000')

  • Sassafras Knob (4121')

  • Mayapple Knob (4054')

  • Eagle Mountain (4259')

  • Double Spring Knob (4276')

  • Brier Creek Bald (4163')

  • Double Knob (South Peak) (4040')